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Testimonials from Happy Clients

Here at Bradford Travel we take such good care of our clients that they can't wait to share their feedback when returning from an overseas trip. Some of our favourite reviews are below.


Just in from the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnepeg and it exceeded all expectations. Got to see polar bears in action, without having to revel to Churchill.  Going out for a walk now and finding somewhere to eat. Have some good stories to tell you. This is a great holiday you have put together. Cheers and keep warm,

- Barbara and Morgan:  12 September 2017

Not only did Debbie and Richard meticulously plan the best-ever holiday for us, they also managed our wedding gift registry. This made it so easy for our wedding guests to give us a gift that we appreciated, and the process was extremely simple and secure for all concerned. We had an awesome honeymoon and there wasn’t a single toaster to unwrap and return!

- Rachael Errington and Paul Davey, January 2017

Thank you for organising our fantastic trip. We had an awesome time. The cycling was the absolute highlight. We loved our time in Hoi An. It felt like the honey moon we never had 24 years ago! All the travel went smoothly.


- Annie and Gordon:  July 2015


I have been over all my travel details, they look amazing you have done the most superb job. I can't thank you enough. I have commented on NZ travel brokers FB site and had a nice comment back.


- Janeice: July 2015

Thank you so much Debbie for all your wonderful help in making our holiday amazing. We had such a great time.



- Kaye & Robert Stone: July 2015

To Adventure Consultants, My Adventure Company & NZ Travel Brokers, the go to travel company, they deserve the medal of the planet as I cannot speak more highly of their professionalism, 24/7 approach to solve issues – communication skills & so much more – I salute you !

- Bruce: May 2015


I just wanted to say thank you for all your help ad organisation for my recent trip. It went really well and wonderful having everything organised so well.


- Claire Mulholland: Sept 2014

If you're looking for a star to book your next trip with, choose Debbie. She goes the extra mile for you and ticks all the boxes. Now to lie by the pool with cocktail in hand, and enjoy the rewards of her efforts. Thanks a ton Debbie. The group are so excited for our Fiji adventure!

- Karen Corlett

We are absolutely super impressed with the way you have orchestrated our trip to the states etc. Everything was it should be and the attention to detail was exemplary. We had a fantastic holiday and nothing was a problem. Thank you very much.

- Alan and Louise McHattie: July 2014



Writing to say thank so very very much for all the work you put into our itinerary and travel arrangements. The accommodation everywhere was so superb! The Villa Campestri was absolutely fabulous and their Matre'de is fantastic!!! I had an awesome time away, and it was such a great adventure. Every day gave something special to take away, as did every country visited. I totally loved the architecture, and the variety of environments and the different lifestyles each culture offered. Amazing food and wines! The people I met and the experiences had along the way were the best, and have made the journey so very special and memorable. Thank you so much. You are awesome!!!!

- Leah Fremaux Sept 2013









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